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This is dp

This is dp

How does it work?

#EarnBig with #Saveora. Here is how Refer and Earn works

  • You Refer
    You Refer

    Your friends sign-up using your referral link.

  • You + Your Friends Earn
    You + Your Friends Earn

    You get INR25 on every invite, and your friends get INR50 as a joining bonus.

  • They Shop and Save
    They Shop and Save

    Your friends shop using available coupons and offers at Saveora and earn cashback.

  • You Earn Again
    You Earn Again

    You earn 5% of your friend's cashback every time they shop through Saveora.

Benefits of Referring

  •  Sign-up Rewards for Everyone
    Sign-up Rewards for Everyone
    The Referrer (who invites) earns INR25 on every new sign-up, and the Referee (who is invited) gets INR50 as a joining bonus.
  • Social Benefits
    Social Benefits
    Help your friends save and earn cashback on online shopping through promo codes and discounts and build a stronger relationship.
  • Earn 5% on Every Spend
    Earn 5% on Every Spend
    Whenever your friend shops online, you will receive 5% of the cashback amount earned by your referees.
  • Lifetime Earnings
    Lifetime Earnings
    Open the doors for a lifetime earning and build a source of passive income. You can cash in unlimitedly, with no cap on earning rewards.
Refer and Earn Guide

Important Terms:

Referrer: A person who invites by sharing their referral link.

Referee: A person the referrer invites and uses the referral link to sign-up.

Referral Reward: Reward received by Referrer on every new sign-up.

Referral Earning/ Referral Cashback: Cashback earned by the referrer every time the referee shops through Saveora.

1) To whom can I refer?

You can refer to anyone and anywhere worldwide by sharing your unique referral link with them on various social platforms.

2) How much will I earn from referring?

You will receive INR 25 as a referral reward when your friends sign-up using your referral link, plus 5% of the cashback your friends earn every time they shop with us.

3) My friend has used my referral link. Why have I not received my referral reward?

You will not be eligible for the referral reward of INR25 if the person you have referred already has an account on Saveora.

4) When will I receive my referral cashback?

You will be entitled to receive 5% cashback when your friend makes a purchase through Saveora and will receive it at the time when their cashback is confirmed.

5) Is there any limit to Referring and Earning?

Every goal of ours targets more. From more offers to more savings. Hence, there is no limit to referring and earning. The more you will refer, the more you will earn.