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This is dp

This is dp

Benefits of Sharing

Now, earn the real cash from the comfort of your home

  • No Blood, Sweat or Tears
    No Blood, Sweat or Tears
    You don’t have to walk the extra mile to earn. Sit on your couch and start earning easily by sharing the offer links.
  • Build Trust Among Others
    Build Trust Among Others
    Build a relationship of trust by sharing the offer links as all the merchant partners of Saveora offers worthy and legitimate products.
  • Win-Win for All
    Win-Win for All
    When you share the offers and deals of Saveora, you + your friend both will earn real cashback while shopping through the link.

Share and Earn Guide

1) To whom can I share and earn?

You can create and share your offer link with anyone and anywhere worldwide through various social platforms.

2) How much will I earn from sharing?

You can earn 5% of the cashback your friends receive every time they shop using your offer link. The more people shop through your link, the more you make.

3) My friend has used my offer link. Why have I not received my cashback?

You will not be eligible for the cashback if you have created the offer link without logging into your Saveora account. Another reason for not receiving the cashback is; your friend's purchase and cashback are yet to be confirmed.

4) When will I receive my share and earn cashback?

You will be entitled to receive 5% cashback when your friend makes a purchase through Saveora and will receive it at the time when their cashback is confirmed.

5) Is there any limit to sharing and earning?

Every goal of ours targets more. From more offers to more savings. Hence, there is no limit to sharing and earning. The more you share, the more you earn.